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Posttime:2019/8/1 9:20:25 From:Heiz Kraft

In today's world where science andtechnology are developing at a dizzying pace and entering our daily life as anew convenience every day, we are able to meet almost all our needs from thedesk.

This situation brings alongindividualization, selfishness and loneliness in our increasingly crowdedworld. I believe that every professional has to do something in his / her fieldof expertise in order to make life more livable and shareable in the face ofthis situation which is very worrying for our future generations.

Instead of projects that will push thelonely human being to more loneliness and individuality, it is the duty of usplanners to produce projects that will strengthen the contact of the peopleliving in those places, that contain social living spaces and give messagestowards the environment.

Based on this sense of responsibility, theTRALLES GOLD RESIDENCE project was designed to make life more meaningful,livable and more shareable.

Necati Özçöllücontributes to the project with the broadest horizons in order to make thegreatest contribution to the project with its broad horizon, which will addcolor to your life with small touches, will meet your every need, you can livesafely in it, you can share with your children, your spouse and your friends.

Life is more beautiful as you share. Sharewith your partner, your children, your friends and your neighbors.

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