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PE-RT heat-resistant reinforced polyene pipes are green and environmentally friendly products, safe and sanitary, and are used in high-standard building hot water and heating systems.

Advantage performance

• Has good thermal stability and long-term pressure resistance.

• It has good flexibility, making it convenient and economical when laying.

• It has excellent low-temperature resistance, so it can be constructed even at low temperatures in winter, and the pipe does not need to be preheated when it is bent.

• It can be hot-melt connection, easy to install and maintain, more convenient, faster and safer.

• Good heat dissipation performance, with a thermal conductivity of 0.4wt/mk. It can save a lot of energy in heating applications.

• With all the performance advantages of heating pipes for radiant floor heating projects, PE-RT Ⅱ pipes are the preferred choice for radiant floor heating.

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