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Vertical Panel Radiator

DIN EN10130DC01 quality cold rolled panel and convector sheet.

Aesthetically designed 33.3 mm pitch water channels.

Vertical Monoblock lined or smooth flat surface options.

●2 Different Types : 10-P, 20-PP
●4 Different Height : 1400mm -1600mm - 1800mm -2000mm.
●3 different Length : 400mm - 500mm - 600mm.
●Cold rolled panel steel plate according to DIN EN 10130 standards onDC 01 quality.
●Vertical Panel Radiators are an excellent choice for decorativeapperance by having different sizes and shapes for a wide range of units withflat panel applications.
●Vertical Panel Radiators are the new generation of home heatingsystems most common used in homes and residential buildings.
●Vertical Radiators are popular types of heating solutions because oftheir space saving property.
●Compact or Ventil Compact options are available.


●Before leaving the factory each radiator is individually tested forleaks.

●Testing pressure is 13 bar.

●Maximum operating pressure is 10 bar.

●Maximum working temperature is 110°C.

●Certified to CE, TS EN ISO 9001, TS EN ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001, GOST -R, UKR SEPRO


●High corrossion resistance with nano-technological surfacetreatment.

●Ecological water based wet paint & RAL 9016 epoxy polyesterelectrostatic powder paint.


●Panel Radiators are individually bubble-wrapped and radiators arepacked in shrink- -wrapped to achieve maximum durability during transportationand storage until installation is complete. The pack is clearly marked with thetype and size.

●Wide assembly kit including blind plug, purger plug,dowel, screwsand clips as a standard.

●Compact and Ventil Compact Panel Radiators ;Console is supplied as astandard.

●Thermostatic insert valves and thermostatic heads can be suppliedupon request.


●4 x interior threads G½"

●6 x interior threads G½"

●8 x interior threads G½"

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