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Steel plate radiator
Heating piping system
Diversity water collector
Manual heating valve
Temperature control system
HKZ series sub-catchment

For the design of radiant floor heating system, optimize the flow distribution of each branch of the radiant system, so as to better control the heat of the floor radiant heating system

 Both can use the ferrule-type manifold joint to connect with the floor heating pipes quickly, safely and simply.

Made of high-quality brass, it can provide up to 12 circuits with or without flow meters.

Convenient installation, easy to respond to various construction sites.

• Hand-smart integration, intelligent control

• Adjustable flow rate to achieve water balance

• High-density forging has good sealing performance and is safer

Sub-catchment accessories

Various optional components, such as ball valves, electric actuators, etc. are available to provide you with maximum flexibility.

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